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The Laviano & Associates business model addresses the fundamental changes that have taken place in the real estate business.

Instead of maintaining a traditional (Brick-and Mortar) office-centric mentality, we provide agents with the services and tools they need to maximize their productivity and profitability.

Partnering with Laviano & Associates is a cost effective alternative to opening your own brokerage, or just taking your business to the next level. We provide risk management, technical support (including paperwork) and other services that are required for real estate agents to operate in FL.

Under our model, you will be able to retain more of your commission. And provide our agents the autonomy and flexibility they need to develop and run their business.

The Laviano & Associates Difference
Many brokerages require agents to pay high desk fees to support office occupancy and administrative costs. These brokerages also require agents to participate in office meetings and functions, complete floor time, and go on mandatory house tours.

Laviano & Associates has eliminated much of these costly and unproductive activities, which means more time for you to focus on interacting with clients and customers, ultimately putting more commission dollars where they belong, in your pocket.

And while we expect our agents to be accountable, we do not apply artificial production pressure. We simply ask that you operate within the laws, REALTOR® Code of Ethics, and rules that govern the real estate industry.

For all this, we charge only a modest monthly fee and per transaction fees.

Agents that partner with us are provided the following:

  • More time to interact with and effectively serve customers. 
  • Flexibility and autonomy to run own business. 
  • Ability to use earned designations, such as GRI, CRS, CRB, CCIM etc. 
  • Services and tools to maximize productivity. 
  • No mandatory office functions. 
  • No production pressures. 
  • Respected Corporate identity. 
  • Consistent, high quality environment. 
  • CRB Certified Broker Support. 
  • Member of Local, State and National REALTOR® Associations. 
  • All your listings on REALTOR.COM. 
  • Innovative marketing plans. 
  • Increased-Profitability.

For a confidential conversation about joining Laviano & Associates, contact:

Vince Laviano